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10 Things I Hate (in no particular order)

So it is Tuesday and already a couple of these things have happened to me.  However I decided instead of flipping out on people or getting stressed that instead I would write it down and share it.   I don’t know about you but it usually isn’t the big things that push my buttons, it is more the little seemingly insignificant things that get under my skin.  Do these things ever happen to you?  If so, how do you…

4 Financial Tips/Tricks to “make it” in DC on a public servants budget

Caveat:  I am NOT a financial expert in any way, shape, or form.  I am however a habitual HR brown bag attendee and question asker and the lucky recipient of a lot of sound financial advice during my time in the foreign service thus far, which I will now impart to you. 

Take advantage of loan forgiveness programs
If your employer offers these programs and you have qualifying student loans, participate in them.  Why pay your own student loan debt when…