Must Do Travel Destinations in New Zealand – North Island (Part 2 of 3)

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This summer I took an epic slightly over 2-week vacation in New Zealand, which is saying something since I have the privilege of traveling often and have [...]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Camping via Winnebago Experience

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I very recently had the pleasure of traveling through the majority of New Zealand for slightly over two weeks by Winnebago aka Camper Van aka RV (recreational [...]


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Traveling is in my blood, and has been a part of my life even as a child. It all started with my maternal grandfather when he became [...]

How to Keep Your Black Kids Self-Aware in a World that Reflects the Opposite

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I live and work overseas most of the time, sometimes in places where the African (and specifically the [...]

Solid As A Rock

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CEO of Black-owned footwear company, ROCKDEEP INC, on balancing entrepreneurship, community, and family What is an entrepreneur? [...]

Here’s Why It’s Okay to Take Time for Yourself

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We are all busy people and this is a busy world. We are mothers, fathers, parents, sisters, [...]

4 Ways to STOP Fighting Over the Kids and START Parenting Together

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“United we stand and divided we fall”, or so the adage goes.  It is true in politics [...]

Fallen – A Memorial Day Tribute to Black American Soldiers

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When you find yourself traveling to tourist destinations such as France, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, or anywhere there [...]

A Dozen Great Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

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As I reflect on my relationship (which I have been in now for over 16 years, more [...]


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