Book Review: 10 Secrets of Being a Lady” by Sheba Matheu

  • The Facts:  10 Secrets of Being a Lady, written by Sheba Matheu, Illustrated by Meredith Rushing, published April 2016 USA, 59 pages, $24.95 hard cover $16.95 paperback, 25% of book proceeds go towards supporting Girls Inc., ISBN-13: 978-0692686263.
  • The Review:  If you’re looking for primer to help your little girl understand some of the important characteristics that define femininity and being a lady, then look no further than this book.  Author Sheba Matheu has laid out a simple and easy blueprint for parents (mothers in particular), to share the secrets of being a lady with their daughters along with beautiful accompanying illustrations by Meredith Rushing.
  • The target age for this book is appropriate, grades 2-4.  My daughter is in Kindergarten and found the lessons and ensuing conversation about each lesson a little too much to go beyond one lesson at a time.  So if you plan to read this with younger children, I suggest breaking the lessons up and reading one per day or one per week, that way you can have meaningful conversation with your girls and spread the joy of reading this book out over time instead of in one sitting.
  • I really enjoyed reading this book with my daughter and anticipate it is a book we will return multiple times as she grows to remind us of the lessons and interpret their meaning at different phases of her development.  In addition to loving the content of the book, the thing I loved most is that 25% of the proceeds support Girls Inc.
  • Bottom Line:  If you haven’t already picked up your copy of “10 Secrets of Being a Lady” do it today and support Girls Inc. in the process.

Lia World Traveler

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