Book Review: Ahni and Her Dancing Secret

The Facts:  Ahni and Her Dancing Secret, written by Shereen Rahming, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon, published 2016 USA, 32 pages, $11.95 paperback, ISBN-9780982651339 (HB), 9780982651346 (Pbk)

The Review:  If you’re looking for a book that teaches perseverance, self-love, self-confidence, goal setting, and persistence then look no further than Ahni and Her Dancing Secret.  Beautifully written and illustrated, each page is captivating and tells the story, which is great bonus if you have little ones (ages 1-4) or early readers.

I read this book with my daughter who is in Kindergarten, who upon seeing the cover of the book said “She looks just like me Mommy, that’s me”.  As a mother of a child color this reaction warms my hearts as it is still unfortunately an all too rare occurrence for her to see herself reflected in the books we read.

My daughter and I enjoyed reading this book together especially since she has the dancing bug too.  The lessons of perseverance, self-love, not succumbing to peer pressure, and more are critical lessons that my daughter and all children need to learn especially at younger ages so they can be fortified with self-knowledge/awareness, confidence, and better prepared to deal with the more challenging pre-teen and teen years.

Bottom Line:  This book was fantastic with a great added lesson of being authentically yourself, persistence, and pursuing your dreams no matter what.  If you haven’t already picked up your copy of “Ahni and Her Dancing Secret” do it today. Check out: @readandglowbooks  on IG or

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