Book Review: Alma and How She Got Her Name

Disclaimer:  I was provided an advanced copy of this book from the author to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

  • The Facts: Alma and How She Got Her Name, written and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal, published by Candlewick Press in China 2018, 30 pages.


  • Summary:  Alma and How She Got Her Name is a visually captivating and wonderful read geared towards children ages 5 and up, grades K-5, and is an enjoyable book to read as a bedtime story. Alma and How She Got Her Name promotes knowledge of self, personal and family history, and taking pride in your heritage.  The author uses a combination of story-telling through dialogue and visual illustration to make the points of the book and to share the rich contributions and influence of key characters.


  • The Review The imagery and characters in this book were compelling in a way that both my six and nine-year-olds took notice. Talking about family and the family tree and how each person in your family indirectly or directly makes contributions in your life was a central theme in the book and part of the conversation we had after reading the book.  Talking about the importance of names and naming and remembering those that have come before are all things that we discussed after reading Alma and How She Got Her Name.  Bottom Line:  Great read!