There is a big wide world out there just waiting for all of us to explore; even places that in the past were difficult for everyone to visit. Today more and more that is not the case and places that were once not traversable for all are now reachable. This is largely thanks to the development of changes to construction conventions such as Automatic Sliding Doors for example that make it easier for people with disabilities to enter and exit buildings. Here are the five most wheelchair accessible travel destinations in the world:

IMG: Sydney Opera House. Steve Collis. Flickr. Creative Commons.

1. Sydney, Australia

From the beach to the opera to botanical gardens, Sydney has it all. Sydney is the ideal mix of culture and outdoorsy nature. Who goes to Sydney, without visiting the world-famous opera house? No one that’s who. The Sydney Opera house offers many wheelchair locations within the theater, companion seating, and level access seats. The Sydney Royal Botanical gardens are not to be missed. Many photo enthusiasts go to this spot for the many beautiful photo opportunities the garden offers, including the not to be missed views of the famous Opera House, the beautiful harbor, trees and flowers of the gardens. There are multiple wheelchair entrances, indoor venues, pathways, and restrooms. For those who appreciate a blend of sun and fun, sights and sounds, then the Coogee beach walkway is for you. The walkway extends along the coastline with various stopping places along the way to view nature and wildlife. There are a few accessible parking lots at several points along the walkway and several key-entry accessible bathrooms as well.

IMG: … only in New York City ( day time ). Prayitno. Flickr. Create Commons.

2. New York, USA

New York is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, and fascinating cities in the world and like most major world cities, there is a little something for everyone. New York also welcomes millions of tourists every year and like many major cities, offers an amazing “city pass” travel program, which is your entrée to all of the most popular tourist attractions in New York; from the many world-class museums to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and much more. New York is also home to some of the best theater in the world, there is no place like Broadway, and all theaters have wheelchair-accessible entrances and seating. You should also be sure to check out Little Italy and Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge, NYU and Columbia University, and the famous Central Park, all wheelchair accessible destinations.

IMG: Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai. brando Flickr. creative commons.

3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a fantastic place that has everything you can imagine and even things you can’t. There are direct flights to Dubai from nearly every major city across the United States and globally. Dubai is a “new” city and really wasn’t developed to the amazing place it is today until the last few decades. Dubai is truly one of the most unique destinations in the world and one of the most wheelchair accessible. This abundant accessibility is largely due to the newness of the city which was designed with every type of tourist in mind. My friend visited a Dubai All Inclusive Beach Resort and she had a great time. Keep in mind that the weather can get very hot in summer!

IMG: Paris. barnyz. Flickr. Creative Commons.

4. Paris, France

There are hundreds of tourist attractions in Paris, with perhaps the most famous being the Eiffel Tower, followed closely by the Louvre Museum. The Tower has three levels, the first two are wheelchair accessible, the third level is only available via the staircase. The Eiffel Tour offers reduced admission rates for those in wheelchairs and the guests who accompany them. Other fan-favorite sights include the Champs-Élysées, Musée de l’Orangerie, Notre Dame, Versailles, and many others.

IMG: Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. cloud.shepherd. Flickr. Creative Commons.

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is not for the faint of heart because of its dynamism and surging populations. Hong Kong is a place where you can see and do much from getting lost in bartering with street vendors on everything from food to trinkets, eating the superb local Chinese and international cuisine at world-famous restaurants, and much more. If you are a people watcher Hong Kong is the city for you.

The Hong Kong mass transit system, which is comprised of intricate bus and subway systems, is wheelchair accessible, so you can travel to every corner and easily see all that strikes your fancy.

These five international cities are some of the best cities for wheelchair accessible travel and there are many more. If you have other amazing destinations that should be added to this list, please reach out to Griots Republic and let us know where they are and what the must-see/must-do attractions are.

Happy Travels!