Loc Style Library

I have always been a tomboy and never one to pay too much attention to my appearance, as in my hair and clothes (never wore or wear make-up). This isn’t to say I didn’t want to “look good,” it just means it wasn’t my primary focus.   However, since I like to keep things fresh in terms of my style, my weekend time is limited, and I can no longer go to the salon on a regular (monthly) basis, I decided to jump on the do-it-yourself (DIY) band wagon.  The archive below (in chronological order at the top from most recent to my first attempts at the bottom) are my efforts at coming up with styles for loc’d hair of varying lengths that are quick and easy but look good and last!  *In full disclosure the first three styles were done by Aiisha at the Alexandria location of Urban Nature Styles, she is GREAT!!!

Check out my “HAIR” feature: http://happyhairjourney.com/2015/10/mane-of-the-month-spotlight-meet-lia.html

Thoughts?  Do you have any favorites you would like me to try again or improve upon?  Suggestion and ideas are welcome.

Messy Half French, Half Fish Tail Braid

Loc Petal Pig Tails

Asymmetrical Braid Up

Rope Crown

Pump and Bun

Chunky Knot Bob 2.0

Star Wars VII Rae – A Loc Homage

Simple Weave Pattern

Faux Bangs and Bun

An-gee Side Braid (Protective Style)

Chunky Knot Bob Take Down

Chunky Knot Bob

Havana Twists

Pipe Cleaner Curls 2.0 (Curlers out)

Pipe Cleaner Curls 2.0

Long Loc Petals

Twisted Crown

Twists on Twists on Twists

Loc Petal Afro

Knot Buns

Asymmetric Bun

Braided Pony Tail (Protective Style)

Pipe Cleaner Curls (Curlers Out)

Pipe Cleaner Curls

Snail Bun

Double Bun

High Tea Hair

Crowned Fish Tail

High Bun