Writing is something I love to do and is an important creative outlet for me to express myself and connect in a real way with people.  Much of my current writing centers on family, work/life balance, relationships, the importance of maintaining a positive healthy outlook and draws largely from my personal life and experiences.  I have been published in The Foreign Service Journal, State Department Magazine, the Ambassador’s Review and on websites including Black and Married With Kids, Nia Magazine, Smart Leadership, and others.

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My background is in international affairs, public relations/public diplomacy, advocacy and social work.  I can speak on a broad variety of topics ranging from finding careers in international affairs, career advancement and leadership opportunities, ways to pursue scholarships and fellowships to facilitate college study and/or gain credible, practical experience to boost your resume, the necessity for diversity and social inclusion in all facets of life, “leaning in” and work/life balance, relationships, parenting, and much more.

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