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4 Ways to STOP Fighting Over the Kids and START Parenting Together

“United we stand and divided we fall”, or so the adage goes.  It is true in politics and in life.  And when it comes to your children and how to discipline them this saying is 100% true.

We’ve all been there, you think you should discipline your child a certain way and your spouse wants to handle it differently. You each become stuck in your position, unwilling to concede, and that’s when the fighting starts.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t…

5 Vacation Rules for Couples – Use Them If You Want to Have Fun Together

I have traveled alone for years…which I highly recommend you try to do at least once in life.) I’ve also traveled with friends, in groups, with family, and with my boyfriend (now husband) and each type of travel experience has its challenges and benefits.  However, the one that is often the most delicate is traveling with your spouse or significant other.

Many couples go into their travel plans with the best of intentions…but they find themselves in arguments, feeling tense…

Annoying Habits that Wives (and Husbands) Need to Let Go

In order to make married life truly “work”, it requires responsibility, dedication, communication, and compromise on both parts.  No one is saying marriage is always easy, it isn’t, but there are things that can help lighten the load.  And this includes letting go of annoying habits that, over time, can drive a wedge between you and your partner and can add unnecessary tension and friction.

Ladies, this one is for you, (and husbands you can let go of these habits…

Book Review: 10 Secrets of Being a Lady” by Sheba Matheu

The Facts:  10 Secrets of Being a Lady, written by Sheba Matheu, Illustrated by Meredith Rushing, published April 2016 USA, 59 pages, $24.95 hard cover $16.95 paperback, 25% of book proceeds go towards supporting Girls Inc., ISBN-13: 978-0692686263.

The Review:  If you’re looking for primer to help your little girl understand some of the important characteristics that define femininity and being a lady, then look no further than this book.  Author Sheba Matheu has laid out a simple and…

How Informed Should You Keep Your Young Kids on Current Affairs? And Why?


The question of whether or not to inform your young children about current affairs is a very personal and sensitive question and one that I always ask myself when it comes to my own children.

Initially my reaction was that I want my “kids to be kids,” meaning I wanted them to live in innocence and remain blissfully ignorant to the realities of society. I didn’t want to burden them with knowledge they are not prepared nor mature enough to…