Why Traveling in and Owning an RV is Something You Should Do!!

This summer my family and I had the opportunity to take an epic vacation and we did it in a recreational vehicle (RV) thanks to a partnership with GoRVing.com.

We took a fantastic adventure to several places not far from the DC metro region. However, before I get into the trip I need to talk about the RV, which was incredible. We spent a week in a Winnebago Intent model 31P, quite an impressive vehicle. It was large enough to shelter at our most crowded point four adults and four and a half children, one was on the way. For most of the trip we had two adults and two children and there was more than enough room to accommodate the four of us. Of course, there are times where you get cabin fever which is why we took a little break in one of the phoenix vacation rentals based in Arizona.

The Winnebago Intent Model 31P boasts a kitchen with a refrigerator, gas stovetop, oven, microwave, plenty of cabinet space, a master bedroom, with loads of storage and closet space, bunkbeds, a full bathroom, a kitchenette with a booth in that converts into a bed, a loveseat that also converts into a full-sized bed, and a queen-sized loft bed that can be raised and lowered to create more space in the main cabin. It’s certainly an impressive vehicle, one which is entirely liveable; anyone looking to make improvements to their RV may want to consider new mobile home flooring, something that is easy to clean and that will last for decades to come.

The external storage is tremendous and there are three flat screen televisions, one in the master bedroom, the kitchenette, and outside for outdoor entertainment and for proper tailgating.

I have had the privilege of traveling extensively and in a variety of ways. Having taken this trip, I consider RVing to be one of the most comfortable and convenient trips I’ve ever taken and that is all because the RV became our home away from home. The RV gave us the comfort of a hotel room and the ease of traveling on our schedule, at our pace, and meant we weren’t beholden to any other schedule. During the trip we traveled to destinations not far from the nation’s capital the DC Metro area.

If anything, this trip has made us consider getting an RV of our own. Of course, when purchasing an RV there are various things to consider such as where to claim rv extended warranty, so this is not a decision we are going to rush in to. Nonetheless, our vacation has definitely opened our eyes to the world of road trips and camping.

I always fail to take advantage of the treasures that are right in my own backyard because I always think there will be time, that I will get there because I am so close and then I never go. This trip made it possible to make good on those intentions. Over the course of a week, we visited, Shenandoah National Park, Endless Caverns, and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Williamsport, MD and it was amazing. The trips we took were ideal for traveling via RV because of the access and freedom an RV affords you. Check out the links for more details on each of these incredible locations.

For road trips, RVing is ideally suited for enjoying the benefits of the outdoors and the camping lifestyle while enjoying the comforts of home. RV options range from pop-up campers to motorhomes. After having had this amazing experience, I can’t think of a better way to travel than in an RV. RVing is one of the fastest growing travel pastimes in the country, with recent statistics boasting over nine million American households that own RVs. For those not quite ready to purchase there are many RV rental options which in most cases cost less than it would for the whole family to stay at a hotel. You can keep your RV next to your home (no worries about storing it in an area you don’t know), ready for you all to jump in and go on your adventures with the family. If you are worried that it might get damaged by extreme weather or external matters, and it doesn’t fit into your garage, you can look at Carports to help with overhead protection, from your cars to RV’s you’ll be able to safely store and look after your pride and joy.

If you are still not sure RVing is for you, read this and visit GoRVing.com for more information about all things related to RVs and traveling in an RV. We can’t wait to take our next trip.