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A User’s Guide for the First Time Manager

So you are in your first job and managing people for the first time. This isn’t like your last internship where you organized brown bags for the other interns and didn’t have any real managerial responsibility. Now you are in a management position and accountable to those that you supervise, to yourself, and to your employer. Here is a quick “user’s guide” and advice for new managers to help get you going on the right track:
Advice for New Managers


So what is “voluntourism” or volunteer tourism and how can you get involved? The internet defines voluntourism as “a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity” and goes on to say that “at the core of voluntourism is the desire to help others.”

By its very nature traveling is an “elite” activity, elite in that most people in the world never have (read they cannot afford) the opportunity to travel out of state…

My Natural Hair Journey – An Ode to My Grandma

Growing up as a speck of pepper in a land of salt, small town upstate New York, meant I had to learn from a very early age to be comfortable in and to fully embrace the “skin I was in”.  Growing up bi-racial in a homogeneously white family and town was challenging at best, but I always felt loved, accepted, and beautiful in my own right.  Though my family couldn’t “relate”, they did empathize with the plight of their…